Susan's Story
I first discovered acupuncture in the late 1970's when I sought help for chronic back pain due to a skiing injury.  Nothing else I had tried had helped and it was my hair stylist that suggested I try her acupuncturist.

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(Isn't it ironic that all these years later I find myself working in a suite above a hair salon!)  Off I went to China Town in San Francisco to give this 'acupuncture thing' a try.  Dr. Yu Lin Huang gave me my first treatment.  He spoke very little English, but was kind and professional.  After 3 sessions the pain was gone and I was amazed.  Thus began my journey in pursuit of a career in oriental medicine which would change my life forever.

At first I would just show up and watch and try to be helpful in hopes of being allowed to observe his work.  After a while, Dr. Huang realized I could understand him and translate for his English speaking patients.  Things went better when the patient knew what was going on.  To this day, I feel patients benefit from understanding their problem from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.  Little by little he began to trust me and to teach me.  I had become his apprentice.  Just around this time, acupuncture schools started popping up.  Dr. Huang recommended the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to me and I was accepted in the fall of 1982.  It was rigorous, thorough training.  Most of my teachers had been western doctors in China but were not allowed to practice medicine after the cultural revolution.  So, they escaped to America where they could start over.

Around the same time, I met my future husband, Charles, who was training to become a general surgeon.  He is currently retired from the US Navy. I have held licenses in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas and  New York due to our many duty stations.  We were able to spend 5 years in Sicily which was a wonderful experience, especially since I was allowed to work on-base.  There I served  both the American and Sicilian communities.  Now we're back on Whidbey Island where I've resumed my local practice and run a small alpaca farm.

It has been really rewarding working in this community.  I am able to see a wide variety of problems such as, arthritis, acute and chronic pain, motor vehicle injuries, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, immune enhancement, digestive disorders, pms, endometriosis, fertility, menopause syndrome, stress reduction, headache, migraine, depression, anxiety, vertigo, insomnia, and many more.

I am the only resident acupuncturist in Oak Harbor, which means I am able to see patients outside my regular clinic hours if need be.  Consistant therapy is an essential component for a successful outcome.

There is such a vibrant community on Whidbey Island and they have been very welcoming of me.  It is amazing to live in such a beautiful place that has so much to offer.  From gardening, to farming, to raising alpacas, to equestrian events, to clamming, crabbing, kayaking, fishing, or art and music, Whidbey has it all and more.  

Please don't hesitate to email me or call if you have any questions.   I am looking forward to leaping into the 21st century with twitter and facebook..  Watch for my info links coming soon in 2015
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