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You know the symptoms...sinus congestion, that annoying sharp sinus headache pain, dizzyness, and fuzzy head?  You may also experience fever, malaise, and body aches. 
Spring into summer, when all those pretty flowers are blooming which morph into weeds blooming can be a time of irritation for some who suffer from acute and chronic sinusitis.  Acupuncture can be very effective in stopping the allergic reaction.  It can also help open sinus passage ways and prevent a full blown sinus infection.

But, when you start having fever and pronounced headache, it may be time to head to your doctor to be sure you do not have an infection.  If you do, combined western and eastern methods may be your best choice.  Herbs can also play an important role in combating bacterial overload and the resulting phlegm congestion.  Herbal combinations that contain berberine-rich herbs such as huang qin are the most beneficial.  

Another ingredient that is important in herbal formulations deals with a potential fungal component that can occur with antibiotic use or just with a chronic condition.  Perhaps the most important part of TCM treatment of this condition is that of balancing the immune system.  Restoring balance can help eliminate phlegm, open the sinus passages and promote health.

I hope this information was interesting and helpful.  Please feel free to call me with questions.