Susan Frosolone, M.Ac.  (360) 969-5714
Susan is a state and nationally board certified acupuncturist with 31 years' experience using the gentle art of Japanese style acupuncture to restore energetic balance and promote health. 

A graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984, she returned to academia in 1987 in order to obtain her masters and to work/study in China.

Susan has held faculty positions at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and the California Acupuncture College.

 She is also an herbalist specializing in the treatment of fertility, women's health, acute and chronic pain relief, and stress reduction.  

If you have questions contact Susan at

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Bayshore Acupuncture is located at 830 SE Bayshore Drive Suite 201 above Carla's Shear Inspiration in Oak Harbor, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island.  Susan welcomes all inquiries.
Bayshore Acupuncture